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Dream Map is an international musical duo from Hungary and the Netherlands, which has found its origins on the internet. The project was launched by Norbert Gobor, a music composer from Hungary.

Norbert has been making music since 2006 and is the founder and CEO of Northern Compass Studio (2016). His musical work mainly consists of instrumental tracks and film scores, on where he plays several different instruments. Norbert plays instruments such as piano, drums, guitar and more. The Hungarian composer has scored many films, including the
British project called ‘Prime Contact’, directed by Andrew Kueh and several film projects by Navajo Joe Films.

In search of a singer and writer he approached Vivian Franken, a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands, who soon joined the project.

Vivian Franken started her musical career in 2012, singing covers from known artists such as London Grammar, Portishead and Imogen Heap. In 2017 she released her first song, under the pseudonym ‘Viv Shortie’ and she continues to write under this name. The main genre for her music is trip-hop, with synth-pop influences.

The Dream Map duo started working on songs in late 2017, with the idea of making an album with indie-pop/synth-pop influence. Their debut single ‘Infinity’ is the introduction of Dream Map and its distinct sound, placing itself somewhere in-between trip-hop, synth-pop, indie and what could easily be a film soundtrack to a sci-fi movie. Dream Map will release multiple singles throughout 2018, ending their wonderful lucid dream with an album.