Hi dreamers,

It’s been a few months since the debut single and things have been going well for us! While you have been enjoying our singles ‘Infinity’ and ‘Time’, we have been focussed on creating new sounds for Dream Map. The distinct sounds we wish to send your way are inspired by space, time, the universe, dreams and our perception of it, inviting you to create your own perceptions while listening. What have you picked up from our first two singles? What do the lyrics mean to you? When you close your eyes, where does the music send you? The album is a journey, as much for us as it is for all the dreamers we wish to reach. While we continue writing, re-writing and trying to find the perfect combination of music and lyrics, we hope to hear from you as our audience. Feel free to answer our questions in the comment section below and with that, be a part of the inspiration we seek!

Thank you guys for all the love, make sure to tell your friends about us!

Dream Map