May 2021

Statement Regarding The Album

To start off: thank you to everyone who is supporting and loving our new album, it means a lot to us!

Several people have mentioned they recognise our music from the past. We wish to make a statement regarding this, to prevent any further misunderstandings or false information.

It’s correct that the framework of the tracks on our new album find their origins with a previous band in Norbert’s career, called ‘Symphonic Destiny’. The band split up in 2016 due to personal differences and the members each went their own way from then on.

Norbert, owner of the band’s music, lyrics and compositions, went on to work on music by himself until he met Vivian a few years later. Both felt it would be such a loss to toss all those existing compositions in the bin, as they had the potential to become something great. They decided to combine their strengths as musicians and symphonic metal lovers to upcycle the tracks to reach that potential, resulting in their debut album ‘The Other Side’.

Norbert re-recorded the instruments that were used as the framework for the tracks, rewrote parts of his composition and added several new orchestral and choir parts to the tracks. In the meantime, Vivian wrote a fitting story for the album through new lyrics, using the concept of a ‘dreamscape’ as a guide. Both have worked very hard to make the album something amazing; something to be proud of.

We as Dream Map have made it a priority to breathe new life into compositions that would otherwise be forgotten and we sincerely hope old Symphonic Destiny fans will see and understand this choice.

To conclude: Please note that the previous band members are in no way impaired, as Norbert has the legal rights over all the compositions written in the time Symphonic Destiny was active. Everything used to create the new album was re-recorded by Norbert as well- no past recordings were implemented in the current songs.

We hope this statement answers any lingering questions, please reach out to us if there is anything we overlooked.

Norbert & Vivian
Dream Map

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Avalon (Official Music Video)

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