Behind The Music – Eternity

‘Eternity’ is the twelfth song on the album, and it’s the moment where the wanderer finally reaches his destination. He escaped the forest, the witch and her evil spells, the path now finally reaching its end and with that his destiny.

The song starts soft, a complete 180 compared to the song before. It feels as if the wanderer stopped in his tracks to take a deep breath and think. Eternal rest awaits him, but does he deserve it? His journey has felt like some kind of purgatory, an in-between world with no clear destination. Now that he has found a way out, he wonders if this was meant to be his path.

“I would be free, but is it enough?” he asks. His soul is heavy with sins, mistakes and broken promises. He begs for mercy and calls out to the ruler of the in-between, hoping he has proven himself on his journey. “Goddess of the mist, take my soul and set me free!” he demands, leaving the choice within her hands, afraid to finish walking the path he had chosen, because he may not deserve it. He would accept his fate from her to find eternal peace and let his soul become eternity.

She doesn’t answer and the wanderer keeps lamenting his past. ‘I cannot change the past, this will be the final judgement of everything I have done.’ He says in the second verse, while he wonders if his sins will be forgiven. He knows there’s no going back- this is the end for him. He asks the goddess to guide him into her warm embrace once more, longing to be free. Musically, the song reaches its highest point after this moment. A modulation a choir and the adlibs together form a hopeful sound, the feeling as if the skies open and the sun comes through.

Does this mean the choice has been made and the wanderer will be lead down the path towards the paradise ahead? Find out in the next and last update of ‘behind the music’!


Gently guided by the light
To the path that lies ahead
Leading me to journey’s end
Where I’ll find eternal rest

I can hear the silent calls
From the spirits of the past
I don’t know what is to come
Will I meet my fate

I would be free
But is it enough

There is nothing left behind
Chapters closed and stories made
Time to face the final test
Have my efforts been enough

I have carried all my sins
My mistakes and brokеn vows
As a burden on my back
Heavy is my soul

Down on my knees
I’m begging for mеrcy

Goddess of the mist
Take my soul and set me free
Let me sink towards the depths
Where I’ll find eternal peace

Memories will fade
All will slowly disappear
Once my spirit is alight
I’ll become eternity

There is nothing to be done
As my life has come to end
I can never change the past
I can only look ahead

This will be my reckoning
Final judgement of my fate
Will I find eternal bliss
Are my sins forgiven

My reflection draws me in
Staring into my own eyes
And I know this is my time
This is finally the end

Goddess guide me by your hand
Lay my memories to rest
This is where I long to be
Warm in your embrace

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