Behind The Music – Memories

‘Memories’ is where we find the wanderer in a moment of clarity. The menacing voice was clear in his warning: “you will never leave this place,” definitely talking about the way the beautiful world the wanderer had found turned dark and dangerous after he was lured in far enough. The wanderer however, cannot shake the feeling he felt when he first entered the world behind the door.

The song starts slow, with an acoustic guitar creating a more intimate, almost melancholic feeling. The first part of the song describes the sense of defeat the wanderer is feeling. The world he had found has gone dark and there’s no way to tell if he’s still going the right way; he is lost. He no longer feels the magic he felt the moment he stepped into this foreign place, something he desperately wishes to feel again.

In the chorus he says: “I am lost between asleep and waking, and I don’t want to lose what I have found,” reminiscing those feelings. He knows he may be dreaming, and he knows that waking up may be his way out of this strange place, but, even through the danger, he does not want to give up after seeing a glimpse of all that beauty. It must still be somewhere, if only he allows himself to be guided in the right direction, away from the darkness and the danger.

He calls out for the light that guided him before; the light that guided him to this world in the first place. Is he lost forever or will the gentle spirit re-appear to help him back to the beauty of the world he is lost in?

The wanderer’s story will continue next week, with the song ‘ The Prophecy’. Stay tuned!

Now all is fading from me
I felt it slip away from me
Around me, all is quiet
It’s like I’ve never been away

I used to feel the magic
I used to feel the strong desire
To feel all of its greatness
Now all I see is black and white

I am lost between asleep and waking
And I don’t want to lose what I have found
The vivid colours of the dreams I wandered
Will go away forever, once I open my eyes

I begged the light to guide me
Like it has guided me before
Through all the storms and madness
Where has the gentle spirit gone

Is there a way of knowing
If I can go back to that place
Where I faced all my demons
And where my strength would never fade

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