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Behind The Music – The Other Side

‘The other side’ is the lead track of the album and it chronicles the wanderer’s life in a three-part story. It’s safe to say he has successfully made it to his paradise at the end of the path, where he looks back on his life one last time, before letting eternal peace take over him.

The first part of the story is mainly focused upon the beginning of the journey, where the wanderer was still overcome by greed, curiosity and doubt. It was hard to focus on finding his way through the treacherous realm while beauty and power were constantly within reach. The darkness whispered to him constantly, trying to tempt him into giving his soul away. Many times the wanderer escaped the claws of death, falling from one trap into the other. Had he not wandered deeper into the realm, had he not let his greed take over (as described in the song ‘Avalon’), he might have been able to leave that cursed place, without having to make that perilous journey towards the paradise so desperately wanted to find. “The path of greed comes with a cost, a price you cannot afford to pay,” is the essence of the first part of this song, which is whispered just before the menacing first part flows over into a gentler second one.

This is where the gentle spirit makes an appearance. Even when the wanderer made bad choices, the voice of reason was there to keep him from being led astray on the path he chose. “Take my love, I’ll give it all to you alone. Reach for the light and you’ll be safe from harm forever,” is the promise she makes to the wanderer. A gift in the form of self-love and trust, a bond that is stronger than even the darkest nights along his path. This, to keep him safe along his journey and to teach him one can always find redemption. This part of the song ends in a modulation, a perfect way to flow into the last part of the three-part song.

The third part of ‘the other side’, called ‘journey’s end’, is where we look back at everything the wanderer has encountered on his journey in the magic realm. It’s like a hero’s song; describing all the victories that have eventually led the wanderer to the paradise he so longed for. “Follow the light, it will show you your destiny!” is the essence of the album, coming back in the chorus of the last part of the last song. Always lead with light, follow your heart, love yourself and find your way through any obstacles with trust and kindness. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes along the way, as long as you recognize them and learn from them. Just like the wanderer, that will eventually bring us closer to our ultimate goal, whatever that may be.

Thank you for reading our ‘behind the music’ blogs and for sticking with us through all these different parts of ‘The Other Side’s’ big story! We hope to expand our Dream Map universe in the future, with new music and new stories to tell!
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I. Dark Desire

Hunger, it grows in your eyes
So close, reaching for power
You feel the desire
Darkness calling out your name

It drives you to insanity
Unleash flames of destruction
Will you fight your desires
Or will they conquer your mind

What once was so pure, fading in the darkness
Eternal life to trade for your soul

No fear, your eyes are set upon the power you crave
The hunger to feel the shadows take you over the edge
Destruction awaits the souls that follow the path of desire
The fire of your damnation will be burning inside you now

You knew this was the price to pay
Your pride greater than reason
Your heart broken to pieces
A curse by your own doing

You were swayed from the path of light
Tempted to give your soul away
Trapped in the land of shadows
Which you’re never escaping from

The light faded too long ago
Your heart- shrouded in darkness
On the edge of insanity
You pray for your redemption

Defeat, you gave in to desire
Your prize burning inside you
This is what you have asked for
When you drank from the fountain

When you thought you were safe
Death was at your door
The path of greed comes with a cost
A price you cannot afford to pay

Time is ticking fast, you need to escape
Or all you love is lost
There is nothing but pain on the other side
You have made a grave mistake

II. Everlasting Love

Heal your heart and let me break the binds of darkness
Let my gift of passion save your soul from hurting

Take my love, I’ll give it all to you alone
Reach for the light and you’ll be safe from harm forever

Love, a bond that is forged in fire
Everlasting light inside you
Trust in all the power that it brings
And fight the darkness within you now

Open up, let all your sorrows fade away now
Let me in, I will forgive your sins and mistakes

Take this love, it’s given just to you my dearest
Your soul fills with light and darkness fades inside

III. Journey’s End

Your adventures, your inquest
They have now come to an end
All the dangers that you’ve faced
In this magical realm

Wandering the eventide
Stuck between the day and night
You have witnessed raging storms
Heard voices from the deep

Goddess of eternal life is waiting for you to arrive
Calling you to let her voice guide you to the promised land
Chapter closed, you reached the end so a new story can begin
Ready for one more enchanting adventure

Follow the light
It will show you your destiny
Follow the voice
Calling you to Eden
Follow the soul
That has always belonged to you
Follow the dawn
Where your journey’s ending

Captivated by your dreams
Magic lands within your reach
Everything so beautiful
You didn’t want to leave!

Stood upon the edge of earth
On bare feet you walked the path
Leading to eternal life
Where spirits come to rest

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Behind The Music – Eternity

‘Eternity’ is the twelfth song on the album, and it’s the moment where the wanderer finally reaches his destination. He escaped the forest, the witch and her evil spells, the path now finally reaching its end and with that his destiny.

The song starts soft, a complete 180 compared to the song before. It feels as if the wanderer stopped in his tracks to take a deep breath and think. Eternal rest awaits him, but does he deserve it? His journey has felt like some kind of purgatory, an in-between world with no clear destination. Now that he has found a way out, he wonders if this was meant to be his path.

“I would be free, but is it enough?” he asks. His soul is heavy with sins, mistakes and broken promises. He begs for mercy and calls out to the ruler of the in-between, hoping he has proven himself on his journey. “Goddess of the mist, take my soul and set me free!” he demands, leaving the choice within her hands, afraid to finish walking the path he had chosen, because he may not deserve it. He would accept his fate from her to find eternal peace and let his soul become eternity.

She doesn’t answer and the wanderer keeps lamenting his past. ‘I cannot change the past, this will be the final judgement of everything I have done.’ He says in the second verse, while he wonders if his sins will be forgiven. He knows there’s no going back- this is the end for him. He asks the goddess to guide him into her warm embrace once more, longing to be free. Musically, the song reaches its highest point after this moment. A modulation a choir and the adlibs together form a hopeful sound, the feeling as if the skies open and the sun comes through.

Does this mean the choice has been made and the wanderer will be lead down the path towards the paradise ahead? Find out in the next and last update of ‘behind the music’!


Gently guided by the light
To the path that lies ahead
Leading me to journey’s end
Where I’ll find eternal rest

I can hear the silent calls
From the spirits of the past
I don’t know what is to come
Will I meet my fate

I would be free
But is it enough

There is nothing left behind
Chapters closed and stories made
Time to face the final test
Have my efforts been enough

I have carried all my sins
My mistakes and brokеn vows
As a burden on my back
Heavy is my soul

Down on my knees
I’m begging for mеrcy

Goddess of the mist
Take my soul and set me free
Let me sink towards the depths
Where I’ll find eternal peace

Memories will fade
All will slowly disappear
Once my spirit is alight
I’ll become eternity

There is nothing to be done
As my life has come to end
I can never change the past
I can only look ahead

This will be my reckoning
Final judgement of my fate
Will I find eternal bliss
Are my sins forgiven

My reflection draws me in
Staring into my own eyes
And I know this is my time
This is finally the end

Goddess guide me by your hand
Lay my memories to rest
This is where I long to be
Warm in your embrace

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Behind The Music – River of Death

His run-in with the witch has heavy consequences for the wanderer, which are described in the song ‘River of death’. As he is on his knees and captured by the witch, ghosts and undead appear around him through the trees. The toxic air keeps filling his lungs, everything seems like an hallucination. The music starts with a threatening intro.

“All I can see is darkness, I feel the heavy air,” says the wanderer. The vines around his limbs have disappeared and as he slowly tries to stand up, he can feel his own weight pulling him down. High on toxic fumes, he looks around for an escape, while the evil draws closer.

Menacing voices fill his head with doubt, quite possibly conjured by the witch who has him trapped. “Don’t run, we’ll never let you leave!” they whisper in the chorus, trying to tempt the wanderer into giving up. He tries desperately to resist, keeping on his feet and trying to make sense of his surroundings in the darkness. A thick mist is preventing him from seeing clearly and the hallucinations seem to grow stronger with each step. “Give in to darkness calling you, death wins, no matter what you do,” they continue in the second chorus, followed up by the final push: “you know there’s no escaping here!”.

A struggle follows in the bridge. Sharp snares and a dark bass line make it sound frantic and desperate, like the wanderer is doing everything to prevent himself from believing their words and giving in. A voice starts singing; this time it seems to be the voice of the spirit. It yells with urge, egging the wanderer on in the outro of the song “Find the strength to resist, run as fast as you can or you’ll go down with them!” The voice repeats her words, trying to push him towards sanity.

Will he escape the claws of death, in the trap that the witch set for him? Will he reach his destination? Find out in the next ‘behind the music’ blog!


All I can see is darkness
I feel the heavy air
I try to open my eyes
But they were never closed

Don’t run, we’ll never let you leave
Give in- to darkness calling you
Death wins, no matter what you do
You’re doomed, we’re coming after you

Their claws are tearing at me
I don’t know where to run
My feet are barely moving
Dark haze is blinding me

Time to spend your eternity
You’ll burn, feed us with enеrgy
Your soul never meant to bе free
You know there’s no escaping here

Find the strength to resist
Fight the darkness calling
Run as fast as you can
Or you’ll go down with them

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Behind The Music – Witchcraft

While his encounter with the sirens was a close call, we can safely conclude the wanderer has escaped. Sadly, as we dive straight in to the tenth song of the album, ‘Witchcraft’, this is a typical case of ‘from pillar to post’. ‘Witchcraft’ starts out strong, the sense of danger right there from the beginning. Our wanderer has reached a big, dark forest as the last light of day disappears, all the more reason to be weary of his surroundings.

“Don’t venture deep into the woods, or you’ll be lost forever” says the first verse. ‘She’ hides in the dark, waiting for the people who have lost their way through the trees. Her witchcraft is dangerous, especially once she finds her target. The music accompanying the first verse accentuates the danger perfectly.

In the pre-chorus, the voice of the witch sounds: “Your soul belongs to me, my magic will set you free!” and it’s followed with a threat of her power in the chorus. “One spell and I will have you down on my knees, you will bow beneath my power!” she screams. The wanderer is frantic, trying to make his way through the woods as fast as he can. She hasn’t found him yet, but his surroundings indicate she’s definitely getting closer. Some kind of spell is already upon him and it’s like breathing in toxic fumes. The branches of the trees are coiling closer, and the air feels heavy. The wanderer is slowly losing his vision, while the voice of the witch keeps repeating in his head. He tries to focus on the path ahead without getting too distracted, using it like a lifeline to get through the forest. As the music hits the bridge, it’s clear it did not help much. The menacing choir and melody line seem to predict something is creeping up to him from behind and this is exactly what happens in the third verse.

Thorny vines of red roses wrap around the wanderer’s legs to pull him to his knees, and he silently pleads to the gentle spirit for help, but his voice gives him away. The witch’s manic laughter fills his ears soon enough. Her voice comes closer and closer as she creeps towards the sound, her laughter echoing through the trees as the last chorus starts. “As you see I now have you down on my knees, you will stay with me forever!”

Is this the end for the wanderer or will he survive his run in with the witch? Stay tuned for the next ‘Behind the music’!

The day is turning into night
The darkness taking over
Don’t venture deep into the woods
Or you’ll be lost forever

She waits, she hides there in the dark
Lures lost souls with her magic
Her evil spells are dangerous
It may cost you your freedom

Your soul belongs to me
My magic will set you free

Once I find you there is no more turning back
I will conquer in the darkness
One spell and I will have you down on your knees
You will bow beneath my power

Her whisper haunts you as you walk
You should not move much further
You know what danger lies ahead
But you seem so enchanted

The trees cast shadows on your path
Their branches coiling closer
The air is heavy with decay
It slowly blurs your vision

The thorns are grazing at your skin
Red roses foul and bloody
Their vines will pull you to your knees
When you come near her cottage

Her voice is burning you alive
And as the wind is howling
You close your eyes in silent prayer
But then she screams with laughter

Now I’ve found you there is no more turning back
I will conquer in the darkness
As you see, I now have you down on your knees
You will stay with me forever

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Behind The Music – Sirens Call

‘Golden light’ was not only a promise, but also a warning. “Look beyond the dark,” indicated there was still darkness ahead and the wanderer had clearly seen it as he stood upon the mountain. The first challenge ahead would be a raging sea, where something dangerous awaits him below the surface of the dark waters. Let’s dive into ‘Sirens call’!

The song immediately starts with a bewitching voice, soft but insistent, luring the wanderer towards the water. Three pairs of glowing eyes stare up at him from below the surface, the water too dark to see clearly who or what they are. “Their voices will slowly take control of your mind,” sings the voice, ringing from ear to ear. Like predators, the creatures await their chance in curiosity, wondering what their prey may do while their melody slowly lulls him to obedience.

In the chorus, the creatures speak directly: “Seek our voices as we call upon you, we’re hiding in the dark of the waters below,” with the promise of giving the wanderer everything he wants and to make all his dreams come true. The melody of the song is infectious- just enough to make the listener feel a sense of what the wanderer may be feeling. While the sirens continue singing, the wanderer is watching from the edge of the shore- enchanted.

‘We’re waiting for you, come to us’ the voices sing, hoping to convince him; to take him into the deep. The music swells, as if the sirens are charging to catch their prey, breaking the surface of the dark waters. There is no indication whether they succeeded, the sound eventually fading to just a softer, more distant siren’s vocal.

Did the wanderer escape? And if he did, what other challenges will await him? Find out in the next Behind the Music!

Can you hear them calling, their voices
Will slowly take control of your mind

Curious to see if you’ll follow
While singing their divine melody

Seek our voices as we call upon you
We are hiding in the dark of the waters below

Come to us, find us now
We are waiting for you
Let darkness take you
We’ll grant you all that you crave

You cannot resist, it’s enchanting
They promise you the life of your dreams

Sink into the waters, they’ll take you
Your tragedy is their victory

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Behind The Music – Golden Light

What adventures lie ahead for the wanderer once he reaches the top of that mountain? This week is all about ‘Golden Light’, which is the answer to that question. The second ballad of the album is more hopeful compared to its predecessor and it’s laced with comforting words and the promise that the wanderer’s challenging journey and his battle with the darkness will soon be rewarded with paradise. It’s a needed promise; the wanderer is finally ready to face his fate, and this may be his final push to journey on.

The song starts with a sweeping, yet soothing tune of both piano and electric guitar, leading to the first verse. “There is a place beyond the heart of the darkness, where all the hurt and pain is gone and forgotten.” Says the voice, which can be interpreted as the spirit guide speaking to the wanderer. Imagining he has reached the top of the mountain, he now has the ultimate view across the strange kingdom and, with that, a chance to see the path he must take to reach what the spirit promised.

She promises blue skies and golden sunlight, a place of happiness and warmth, but for that the wanderer must look beyond the dark. Before him lies a perilous path: a raging sea, a dark forest and an abandoned village obscured in the shade of the tall trees. He must make it across to reach his destination and the spirit is urging him that he is strong enough to make it. ‘Let the idea of the paradise that awaits you soothe you, may it be your strength when the journey gets tough,’ the chorus narrates. ‘Do you feel the last golden light of the setting sun warming your skin as you stand here? That same sun will shine upon you when you make it to your paradise.’ “Golden light, it shines upon you now.”

The second verse is basically a metaphor of the phrases ‘time heals all wounds’ and ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Though these phrases could be broadly interpreted, in their core they ring true to a lot of people. The only way to heal is to keep moving forward, to tend to your wounds and to find comfort in things that mean a lot to you. Pain, fear, anger and sadness teach us valuable lessons and allow us to experience joy, happiness and love more deeply.

With the wise words of the gentle spirit, his newfound strength and the promise of something beautiful, the wanderer is preparing his journey towards the paradise he had been looking for. Keep an eye out for the next blog to find out what he encounters along the way!

There is a place beyond the heart of the darkness
Where all the hurt and pain is gone, and forgotten
Where skies are blue and where the sunlight is golden
Painting all that you see in beautiful colours

The flowers whisper in the soft breeze of summer
Along a pathway leading into the garden
It’s where the children play in echoes of laughter
Where time is standing still, thе seasons unchanging

Open your eyеs, look beyond the dark
Eden awaits, let it soothe your heart
Take in the light, put your soul to rest
Spirit of life, heal the wounds of time

Golden light, it shines upon you now

With darkness fading there is so much to live for
Just like the soil is the most fruitful with ashes
Let your heart bloom just like the flowers of Eden
The gentle breeze will calm the storms that still haunt you

Follow the path inside, along the green meadows
See all the promises fulfilled as you wander
The spirit’s waiting at the edge of the water
For you to wash away your deepest of sorrows

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Behind The Music – Wanderer

The previous ‘behind the music’ left us right at the moment where the wanderer had to choose between reigniting his own spirit to continue forward or giving up and trying to escape. As mentioned in the Prophecy: “There’s a reason he ended up in this strange world and maybe it has to do with looking at himself and discovering who he is and what he stands for- only then he can reach greater heights.” – That’s exactly what is happening in the seventh track of the album and it’s quite literal.

The wanderer has made his choice; he has decided to look within himself and find strength there, to be able to continue his journey through the strange place he discovered. The darkness around him changed into the opposite: an icy white landscape and a fresh breath of air to awaken all his senses once more. Much like in ‘Avalon’ the wanderer is enchanted by it all and his need to discover more is fueling him. “Let the winter bring your heart to life, mind is strong, and soul purified!” are the lyrics in the pre-chorus that determine this resurfaced feeling of finding the path towards what he believes is his fate. The sound of the words is meant to make an impact, echoing through the listener’s ear, before the chorus sets in with the words “Wake up!”

At this moment the music instills a feeling of urgency, a feeling to ‘go for it’. It’s where the wanderer finally moves his feet to continue the journey, where he is determined to reach the top of that icy mountain to be able to oversee all that is to come on his future path. It’s not a nervous feeling- it’s rather empowering. This feeling continues throughout the rest of the chorus.

Fully awake and aware of everything around him, the wanderer makes his way up, feeling invincible. There awaits another adventure, with the eventual promise of ‘paradise’.

What exactly will be waiting for him there? Stay tuned for the next ‘Behind the music’ to find out!

An icy winter paints the mountains
Like a white, magic landscape

It seems forsaken, but inviting
All untouched, undiscovered

Let the winter bring your heart to life
Mind is strong and soul purified

Wake up, run to the mountains
Your feet will follow the hidden path
Climb high, reach for the wisdom
You’ll find the meaning of all of life

The mist clears out your troubled mind
The skies show you what the future holds
Choose now: will you pass through the veil
You will be welcomed to paradise

The cold has wakened all your sensеs
You can feel every heartbеat

With a clear mind you feel the quiet
World below fully vanished

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Behind The Music – The Prophecy

After the melancholy of ‘Memories’, the story takes a more hopeful turn for the wanderer. As the sixth song of the album ended with the wanderer calling out for the light to find and guide him again, ‘The Prophecy’, the seventh song, is an answer to that cry. This song is fully written from the perspective of that spectral guide, declaring what is to come if the wanderer manages to get back on the right path. A new spark of hope for him; not everything is lost.

Overall, the prophecy sounds encouraging both in music and lyrics. The listener is swept up by the faster pace of this song, escaping from the feeling that the previous song has caused. The guide seems all-knowing- the lyrics clearly describing the feelings and actions of the wanderer both in the past and present. It’s the pre-chorus, accompanied by a powerful double-bass, that’s the key to this prophecy: “Though it all seems set in stone, as you forged what will unfold, I will show you what your future holds.” The future is not set in stone and is not unchangeable and when the wanderer manages to find the light again, his path may change for the better.

In the chorus it becomes clear that ‘finding the light’ is not only about finding a physical light to follow, but also about finding redemption within himself for everything that has happened in his life so far. There’s a reason he ended up in this strange world and maybe it has to do with looking at himself and discovering who he is and what he stands for- only then he can reach greater heights.

The all-knowing guide ends the song with the words “Don’t look back, this is the choice you’ve made. As you search for answers it will re-determine your fate.” It’s time to look forward, time to pay attention to where he is going instead of where he has been. Accept the darkness he is currently in, look within himself and find the light there. If he succeeds, it will lead him to where he wishes to go.

Will he understand the message he’s been given by the gentle spirit and will he succeed? Stay tuned for the next ‘Behind the music’!

The path that lies ahead seems far away
The things you left behind have clouded your mind
Is there a way to find the hope you’ve lost
A chance to make amends with all that you love

Though, it all seems set in stone
As you forged what will unfold
I will show you what your future holds

Look into my soul, I know your fate
If you find redemption may my spirit guide your way
Face my light and see your course will change
There is no set path to follow, only one you have made

Don’t look back, this is the choice you’ve made
As you search for answers it will re-determine your fate
Touch the heart of things and find your way
There is either suffering or joy you’ll find through that change

Have you forgotten what lies in the past
The storms that raged throughout the life you have lived
The hearts you’ve broken and the ones you’ve mend
It’s all an omen- it’s a glimpse of the end

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Behind The Music – Memories

‘Memories’ is where we find the wanderer in a moment of clarity. The menacing voice was clear in his warning: “you will never leave this place,” definitely talking about the way the beautiful world the wanderer had found turned dark and dangerous after he was lured in far enough. The wanderer however, cannot shake the feeling he felt when he first entered the world behind the door.

The song starts slow, with an acoustic guitar creating a more intimate, almost melancholic feeling. The first part of the song describes the sense of defeat the wanderer is feeling. The world he had found has gone dark and there’s no way to tell if he’s still going the right way; he is lost. He no longer feels the magic he felt the moment he stepped into this foreign place, something he desperately wishes to feel again.

In the chorus he says: “I am lost between asleep and waking, and I don’t want to lose what I have found,” reminiscing those feelings. He knows he may be dreaming, and he knows that waking up may be his way out of this strange place, but, even through the danger, he does not want to give up after seeing a glimpse of all that beauty. It must still be somewhere, if only he allows himself to be guided in the right direction, away from the darkness and the danger.

He calls out for the light that guided him before; the light that guided him to this world in the first place. Is he lost forever or will the gentle spirit re-appear to help him back to the beauty of the world he is lost in?

The wanderer’s story will continue next week, with the song ‘ The Prophecy’. Stay tuned!

Now all is fading from me
I felt it slip away from me
Around me, all is quiet
It’s like I’ve never been away

I used to feel the magic
I used to feel the strong desire
To feel all of its greatness
Now all I see is black and white

I am lost between asleep and waking
And I don’t want to lose what I have found
The vivid colours of the dreams I wandered
Will go away forever, once I open my eyes

I begged the light to guide me
Like it has guided me before
Through all the storms and madness
Where has the gentle spirit gone

Is there a way of knowing
If I can go back to that place
Where I faced all my demons
And where my strength would never fade

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Behind The Music – Escape from Darkness

Another week, another ‘behind the music’! We’ll take a look at Escape from Darkness this
time, the dark side to the story of ‘Avalon’.

Remember when we said that ‘the darkness’ that the wanderer encountered in the first two
songs was just part of a bad dream? Well, what if it wasn’t? Or what if he has never woken
up in the first place? Something about that new world that the wanderer has discovered
behind that mysterious door in ‘Avalon’ seems off and this song is like a revelation.

Where ‘Avalon’ ended on the words “I don’t want to leave” and the ticking of the clock,
‘Escape from Darkness’ starts with a dark and eerie vibe and the words of the wanderer: “I
look back into the night, as the time is slowly ticking by.” The music has changed from the
hopeful and exciting sound of ‘Avalon’, to something darker: the evil side of the world the
wanderer has discovered.

The beautiful light the wanderer was told to follow now seems very faint and far away and
that same darkness from his earlier encounter is back to lure him in. He was too eager to
discover the magical world he had found and made the mistake to go too far into this realm.
The strong magic he had felt changed into something darker, something that now burns
inside of him. He seems unable to shake it off and he’s aware of it. “I wish that I knew how
to escape, the night is in my heart and it burns in me,” are his words in the chorus.

In the second verse the wanderer seems almost in a state of madness. While he’s running
away from the darkness, a voice in his head keeps telling him the opposite things to do. At
this point he’s no longer sure if the world he has found is real, or if he has never woken up
from his dream.

Unlike when he first discovered the new world behind the door, the wanderer is no longer
enchanted by his surroundings, but sees it for what it truly is. As he desperately tries to
follow his sanity, the menacing voice is back calling out for him and this time he hears it loud
and clear: “Poor thing, were you planning to escape? Were you fooled by hope once more?
You know what is in your heart, you will never leave this place!” The music swells with a
menacing choir and manic laughter follows the voice’s words. Will he be able to find his way
out of this?

Stay tuned for the rest of the story, see you next week!

I look back into the night
As the time is slowly ticking by
Will I find the way through the dark
Lost inside an evil nightmare

I can hear the gleaming from afar
The light is calling me to be my guide
I wish that I knew how to escape
The night is in my heart and it burns in me

I keep running to the sound
I can feel the darkness chasing me (catch me!)
Thoughts of hope keep me from looking back (look back…)
Is it real or will I die here

Oh, the light is calling me to be my guide
Oh, the night is in my heart and it burns in me

Poor thing, were you planning to escape
Were you fooled by hope once more
You know what is in your heart
You will never leave this place

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