Behind The Music – Black Horizon

This week we’ll guide you through the first song on the album, called ‘Black Horizon’. The
story will reveal much of the meaning behind both the music and the lyrics.

Black Horizon is the song that kicks off the album full speed, with a grand musical intro. A
fitting start to the journey- one that still seems like a dream.

The wanderer seems alone, in the rush of his own imagination. A storm is raging inside of
him and he must unlock something within himself to escape it. The music has a raw
darkness to it, that makes the raging of that storm all the more impactful.

“There’s no one to guide you through now, so you must trust in your own fate.”

At this point we don’t know what the wanderer’s fate will be, but we’re certain that it’s
something that will save him from the raging storm and the darkness on his heels. It’s
almost like a nightmare is chasing him through a fitful sleep, the ‘voices of death’ trying to
coax him into the nightmare. Their voices resonate through the pre-chorus of the song,
screaming of destruction.

Thankfully there’s a lighter voice in the distance, telling him to look within himself. “Your
heart holds the answers still unfound,” she says. The music changes dramatically as the
chorus sets in, like the sun breaking through the clouds. That feeling continues through that
part of the song, where the voice continues to tell him to let his power ‘come to light’ and
that ‘eternal blaze’ will lead his soul to glory. It’s a hopeful moment- but it’s short.

The music regains the heaviness again and the drastic change in tone is evident. The sun is
gone; the wanderer is alone once again. The story continues with the message: ‘The
darkness is inevitable and there’s no way around it. Face your nightmare and deal with it.’
The wanderer is once again reminded of his dormant power to overcome this darkness; a
power that is most definitely strong enough to counter whatever is on his heels.

Soon, the light is back to encourage him and the wanderer seems to slowly realize his own
potential. He seems doubtful at first, the instrumental part between the last two choruses
sounding like he’s overwhelmed. It doesn’t last long- the voice is back to remind him: “Your
heart holds the answers still unfound, the compass buried deep within your soul!”

‘Black Horizon’ is the first look into the dreamscape of ‘the Other Side’ and the first time we
get to know both the darkness, the light and the potential of the wanderer. His journey will
continue in the second song, ‘Spark of Hope’, which we will talk about next week.

See you soon!

“The darkest of nights has come to fall
The land consumed with its shadows
Storms raging across the open sea
Leaving destruction everywhere

There’s no one to guide you through now
So you must trust in your own fate


The voices of death have come to call
In search of souls to devour
You want to escape their violent claws
It’s time to fight to save yourself!

Your heart holds the answers still unfound
The compass buried deep within your soul
Arise, let your power come to light
Eternal blaze will lead your soul to glory

All darkness you’ve seen was but a test
The time to reckon has come now
There is no escape from what’s to come
No choice but look fate in the eye

Don’t try to withhold what you possess
Embrace the deepest of powers
The storms raging on within the depths
The trial you seek to overcome”

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