Behind The Music – Avalon

This week we’ll focus on the third song and title track of the album, called ‘Avalon’. This
song is the wanderer’s next adventure, after having his first encounter with ‘the darkness’ in
the first two songs.

We clearly hear a clock ticking as the song starts; an indication of a sense of urgency. The
point of view has changed, the lyrics are now written from the wanderer’s perspective. “I
hear it softly humming, the light behind the open door,” he says. His battle with the
darkness seems to have been a dream, as he now finds himself woken up by a strange
sound coming from the hallway. He feels like it pulls him in- almost as if it’s magnetic. The
sound comes from a door that seems to be glowing with light and he cannot keep himself
from entering. The music in the verses support this strange curiosity.

The light reveals a completely new world and as the song goes into the chorus, both the
vocals and music turn from curious to excited. What he has found behind that door is
beautiful, so beautiful the wanderer is not sure if it’s even real. “A kingdom far beyond my
dreams, I don’t want to leave.”

The moment the last words are uttered, the music suddenly seems to have an edge of
danger to it. Is it a bad thing that he does not want to leave? Is it maybe too perfect- like a
trap luring him in?

As the wanderer goes on discovering this newfound land, he describes feeling the magic
around him. “I feel enchanted, calm and free. The magic fills my soul.” Even though the
music seems cautious, the wanderer is still in awe of what he has found. The chorus is back
with that same excitement from before as one can imagine him going deeper and deeper
into the fantasy realm.

“Welcome stranger, to the kingdom of plenty,” a somewhat menacing voice suddenly calls
out from nowhere. “Can you feel the magic in the air? What you see goes beyond reality,
but it appears only to those who believe!” The choir sets in- danger. Something is definitely
not right about this place, but the wanderer is too enchanted by it all to realize.
The song clearly ends on the words “I don’t want to leave…” with the ticking clock slowly
fading away. Is he trapped? His adventure continues in the next song, ‘Escape the Darkness’.
Stay tuned for next week’s ‘behind the lyrics’,

See you then!

“I hear it softly humming
The light behind the open door
I have the strangest feeling
Like it is pulling me in

The moment I step in the light
The sight is blinding me
A whole new world is waiting
And it is full of magic!

Don’t know if what I see is real
A land full of mystery
Colourful creatures, ancient trees
All in harmony

Birds singing to a starry sky
Wolves howling in the moonlight
A kingdom far beyond my dreams
I don’t want to leave

The glimmer of the warm sun
Reflects like diamonds on the leaves
Bright flowers coming to life
As I roam through the forest

I feel enchanted, calm and free
The magic fills my soul
My heart feels likе it’s floating
There’s so much to discover”

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