Behind The Music – Spark of Hope

It’s time to take you through our second song, ‘Spark of Hope’. This song is a continuation of
the events that happen in the first song.

Spark of Hope starts off with strong guitars, like a reality check after the somewhat
triumphant ending of Black Horizon. The darkness has not yet been faced by the wanderer,
he has only been told he held the power to overcome it. The setting describes a restless sea
in the dark of night and the wanderer alone in his boat.

This is the moment of truth. ‘Face the darkness’. Musically, the song is calm, just like the
lyrics describe: “The darkness is silent, the calm before the storm.” You can imagine the
wanderer quiet in preparation of what’s to come, no longer trying to run from what is
chasing him, but facing it head on. The music grows louder and as it goes towards the
chorus, the synths change to a more menacing sound.

The voice that spoke to the wanderer in Black Horizon is back in this chorus, urging him to
face the fury head on. “Set your sails towards the sun, let the darkness subside and free
your soul!” Musically, this part of the song carries that same feeling of hopefulness, that
‘spark of hope’, that we heard in the first track.

As the song goes back into the second verse, it’s clear by the lyrics that the battle has begun
and the wanderer is now in the midst of it. The only way is through. As he was told in the
chorus, he should seek out the light and follow it to a better place, even if he must battle his
way through the darkness to get there. Thankfully, he has the power to overcome it all.

After the second encouraging chorus, where the wanderer is most definitely fighting his
demons and making his way through that dark storm, the voice suddenly tells him: “Don’t
be afraid, it is part of you.” All of our hearts hold the light and the dark, it’s just a matter of
accepting it’s there and keeping the balance. He steadies himself, re-sets his sails and
follows the advice, “Just follow the light, find your purpose. Land of fantasy, chase it

He makes it through. The storm is subsiding and the darkness seems to withdraw behind
him. His adventure continues in the next song, ‘Avalon’, which we will talk about next week.

See you then!

“The darkness is silent, the calm before the storm
The thunder is rumbling, the waters cold below

This curse is destructive, it weighs upon your soul
Hides under the surface, until the time has come

The sound of waves crashing will have you down on your knees
Praying for the guidance to make it through the night

You will find the sky ablaze
With the light to guide you home
Set your sails towards the sun
Let the darkness subside and free your soul

It rages bеhind you; the battle has begun
Thе lightning fills the sky with a cold, icy glow

The strong wind is howling, like voices calling for you
The storm will consume you, so you should not look back

If you close your eyes, there is darkness
Don’t you be afraid, it is part of you
Just follow the light, find your purpose
Land of fantasy, chase it endlessly”

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