Behind The Music – The Prophecy

After the melancholy of ‘Memories’, the story takes a more hopeful turn for the wanderer. As the sixth song of the album ended with the wanderer calling out for the light to find and guide him again, ‘The Prophecy’, the seventh song, is an answer to that cry. This song is fully written from the perspective of that spectral guide, declaring what is to come if the wanderer manages to get back on the right path. A new spark of hope for him; not everything is lost.

Overall, the prophecy sounds encouraging both in music and lyrics. The listener is swept up by the faster pace of this song, escaping from the feeling that the previous song has caused. The guide seems all-knowing- the lyrics clearly describing the feelings and actions of the wanderer both in the past and present. It’s the pre-chorus, accompanied by a powerful double-bass, that’s the key to this prophecy: “Though it all seems set in stone, as you forged what will unfold, I will show you what your future holds.” The future is not set in stone and is not unchangeable and when the wanderer manages to find the light again, his path may change for the better.

In the chorus it becomes clear that ‘finding the light’ is not only about finding a physical light to follow, but also about finding redemption within himself for everything that has happened in his life so far. There’s a reason he ended up in this strange world and maybe it has to do with looking at himself and discovering who he is and what he stands for- only then he can reach greater heights.

The all-knowing guide ends the song with the words “Don’t look back, this is the choice you’ve made. As you search for answers it will re-determine your fate.” It’s time to look forward, time to pay attention to where he is going instead of where he has been. Accept the darkness he is currently in, look within himself and find the light there. If he succeeds, it will lead him to where he wishes to go.

Will he understand the message he’s been given by the gentle spirit and will he succeed? Stay tuned for the next ‘Behind the music’!

The path that lies ahead seems far away
The things you left behind have clouded your mind
Is there a way to find the hope you’ve lost
A chance to make amends with all that you love

Though, it all seems set in stone
As you forged what will unfold
I will show you what your future holds

Look into my soul, I know your fate
If you find redemption may my spirit guide your way
Face my light and see your course will change
There is no set path to follow, only one you have made

Don’t look back, this is the choice you’ve made
As you search for answers it will re-determine your fate
Touch the heart of things and find your way
There is either suffering or joy you’ll find through that change

Have you forgotten what lies in the past
The storms that raged throughout the life you have lived
The hearts you’ve broken and the ones you’ve mend
It’s all an omen- it’s a glimpse of the end

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