Behind The Music – Wanderer

The previous ‘behind the music’ left us right at the moment where the wanderer had to choose between reigniting his own spirit to continue forward or giving up and trying to escape. As mentioned in the Prophecy: “There’s a reason he ended up in this strange world and maybe it has to do with looking at himself and discovering who he is and what he stands for- only then he can reach greater heights.” – That’s exactly what is happening in the seventh track of the album and it’s quite literal.

The wanderer has made his choice; he has decided to look within himself and find strength there, to be able to continue his journey through the strange place he discovered. The darkness around him changed into the opposite: an icy white landscape and a fresh breath of air to awaken all his senses once more. Much like in ‘Avalon’ the wanderer is enchanted by it all and his need to discover more is fueling him. “Let the winter bring your heart to life, mind is strong, and soul purified!” are the lyrics in the pre-chorus that determine this resurfaced feeling of finding the path towards what he believes is his fate. The sound of the words is meant to make an impact, echoing through the listener’s ear, before the chorus sets in with the words “Wake up!”

At this moment the music instills a feeling of urgency, a feeling to ‘go for it’. It’s where the wanderer finally moves his feet to continue the journey, where he is determined to reach the top of that icy mountain to be able to oversee all that is to come on his future path. It’s not a nervous feeling- it’s rather empowering. This feeling continues throughout the rest of the chorus.

Fully awake and aware of everything around him, the wanderer makes his way up, feeling invincible. There awaits another adventure, with the eventual promise of ‘paradise’.

What exactly will be waiting for him there? Stay tuned for the next ‘Behind the music’ to find out!

An icy winter paints the mountains
Like a white, magic landscape

It seems forsaken, but inviting
All untouched, undiscovered

Let the winter bring your heart to life
Mind is strong and soul purified

Wake up, run to the mountains
Your feet will follow the hidden path
Climb high, reach for the wisdom
You’ll find the meaning of all of life

The mist clears out your troubled mind
The skies show you what the future holds
Choose now: will you pass through the veil
You will be welcomed to paradise

The cold has wakened all your sensеs
You can feel every heartbеat

With a clear mind you feel the quiet
World below fully vanished

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