Behind The Music – Witchcraft

While his encounter with the sirens was a close call, we can safely conclude the wanderer has escaped. Sadly, as we dive straight in to the tenth song of the album, ‘Witchcraft’, this is a typical case of ‘from pillar to post’. ‘Witchcraft’ starts out strong, the sense of danger right there from the beginning. Our wanderer has reached a big, dark forest as the last light of day disappears, all the more reason to be weary of his surroundings.

“Don’t venture deep into the woods, or you’ll be lost forever” says the first verse. ‘She’ hides in the dark, waiting for the people who have lost their way through the trees. Her witchcraft is dangerous, especially once she finds her target. The music accompanying the first verse accentuates the danger perfectly.

In the pre-chorus, the voice of the witch sounds: “Your soul belongs to me, my magic will set you free!” and it’s followed with a threat of her power in the chorus. “One spell and I will have you down on my knees, you will bow beneath my power!” she screams. The wanderer is frantic, trying to make his way through the woods as fast as he can. She hasn’t found him yet, but his surroundings indicate she’s definitely getting closer. Some kind of spell is already upon him and it’s like breathing in toxic fumes. The branches of the trees are coiling closer, and the air feels heavy. The wanderer is slowly losing his vision, while the voice of the witch keeps repeating in his head. He tries to focus on the path ahead without getting too distracted, using it like a lifeline to get through the forest. As the music hits the bridge, it’s clear it did not help much. The menacing choir and melody line seem to predict something is creeping up to him from behind and this is exactly what happens in the third verse.

Thorny vines of red roses wrap around the wanderer’s legs to pull him to his knees, and he silently pleads to the gentle spirit for help, but his voice gives him away. The witch’s manic laughter fills his ears soon enough. Her voice comes closer and closer as she creeps towards the sound, her laughter echoing through the trees as the last chorus starts. “As you see I now have you down on my knees, you will stay with me forever!”

Is this the end for the wanderer or will he survive his run in with the witch? Stay tuned for the next ‘Behind the music’!

The day is turning into night
The darkness taking over
Don’t venture deep into the woods
Or you’ll be lost forever

She waits, she hides there in the dark
Lures lost souls with her magic
Her evil spells are dangerous
It may cost you your freedom

Your soul belongs to me
My magic will set you free

Once I find you there is no more turning back
I will conquer in the darkness
One spell and I will have you down on your knees
You will bow beneath my power

Her whisper haunts you as you walk
You should not move much further
You know what danger lies ahead
But you seem so enchanted

The trees cast shadows on your path
Their branches coiling closer
The air is heavy with decay
It slowly blurs your vision

The thorns are grazing at your skin
Red roses foul and bloody
Their vines will pull you to your knees
When you come near her cottage

Her voice is burning you alive
And as the wind is howling
You close your eyes in silent prayer
But then she screams with laughter

Now I’ve found you there is no more turning back
I will conquer in the darkness
As you see, I now have you down on your knees
You will stay with me forever

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