Behind The Music – Sirens Call

‘Golden light’ was not only a promise, but also a warning. “Look beyond the dark,” indicated there was still darkness ahead and the wanderer had clearly seen it as he stood upon the mountain. The first challenge ahead would be a raging sea, where something dangerous awaits him below the surface of the dark waters. Let’s dive into ‘Sirens call’!

The song immediately starts with a bewitching voice, soft but insistent, luring the wanderer towards the water. Three pairs of glowing eyes stare up at him from below the surface, the water too dark to see clearly who or what they are. “Their voices will slowly take control of your mind,” sings the voice, ringing from ear to ear. Like predators, the creatures await their chance in curiosity, wondering what their prey may do while their melody slowly lulls him to obedience.

In the chorus, the creatures speak directly: “Seek our voices as we call upon you, we’re hiding in the dark of the waters below,” with the promise of giving the wanderer everything he wants and to make all his dreams come true. The melody of the song is infectious- just enough to make the listener feel a sense of what the wanderer may be feeling. While the sirens continue singing, the wanderer is watching from the edge of the shore- enchanted.

‘We’re waiting for you, come to us’ the voices sing, hoping to convince him; to take him into the deep. The music swells, as if the sirens are charging to catch their prey, breaking the surface of the dark waters. There is no indication whether they succeeded, the sound eventually fading to just a softer, more distant siren’s vocal.

Did the wanderer escape? And if he did, what other challenges will await him? Find out in the next Behind the Music!

Can you hear them calling, their voices
Will slowly take control of your mind

Curious to see if you’ll follow
While singing their divine melody

Seek our voices as we call upon you
We are hiding in the dark of the waters below

Come to us, find us now
We are waiting for you
Let darkness take you
We’ll grant you all that you crave

You cannot resist, it’s enchanting
They promise you the life of your dreams

Sink into the waters, they’ll take you
Your tragedy is their victory

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