Behind The Music – Golden Light

What adventures lie ahead for the wanderer once he reaches the top of that mountain? This week is all about ‘Golden Light’, which is the answer to that question. The second ballad of the album is more hopeful compared to its predecessor and it’s laced with comforting words and the promise that the wanderer’s challenging journey and his battle with the darkness will soon be rewarded with paradise. It’s a needed promise; the wanderer is finally ready to face his fate, and this may be his final push to journey on.

The song starts with a sweeping, yet soothing tune of both piano and electric guitar, leading to the first verse. “There is a place beyond the heart of the darkness, where all the hurt and pain is gone and forgotten.” Says the voice, which can be interpreted as the spirit guide speaking to the wanderer. Imagining he has reached the top of the mountain, he now has the ultimate view across the strange kingdom and, with that, a chance to see the path he must take to reach what the spirit promised.

She promises blue skies and golden sunlight, a place of happiness and warmth, but for that the wanderer must look beyond the dark. Before him lies a perilous path: a raging sea, a dark forest and an abandoned village obscured in the shade of the tall trees. He must make it across to reach his destination and the spirit is urging him that he is strong enough to make it. ‘Let the idea of the paradise that awaits you soothe you, may it be your strength when the journey gets tough,’ the chorus narrates. ‘Do you feel the last golden light of the setting sun warming your skin as you stand here? That same sun will shine upon you when you make it to your paradise.’ “Golden light, it shines upon you now.”

The second verse is basically a metaphor of the phrases ‘time heals all wounds’ and ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Though these phrases could be broadly interpreted, in their core they ring true to a lot of people. The only way to heal is to keep moving forward, to tend to your wounds and to find comfort in things that mean a lot to you. Pain, fear, anger and sadness teach us valuable lessons and allow us to experience joy, happiness and love more deeply.

With the wise words of the gentle spirit, his newfound strength and the promise of something beautiful, the wanderer is preparing his journey towards the paradise he had been looking for. Keep an eye out for the next blog to find out what he encounters along the way!

There is a place beyond the heart of the darkness
Where all the hurt and pain is gone, and forgotten
Where skies are blue and where the sunlight is golden
Painting all that you see in beautiful colours

The flowers whisper in the soft breeze of summer
Along a pathway leading into the garden
It’s where the children play in echoes of laughter
Where time is standing still, thе seasons unchanging

Open your eyеs, look beyond the dark
Eden awaits, let it soothe your heart
Take in the light, put your soul to rest
Spirit of life, heal the wounds of time

Golden light, it shines upon you now

With darkness fading there is so much to live for
Just like the soil is the most fruitful with ashes
Let your heart bloom just like the flowers of Eden
The gentle breeze will calm the storms that still haunt you

Follow the path inside, along the green meadows
See all the promises fulfilled as you wander
The spirit’s waiting at the edge of the water
For you to wash away your deepest of sorrows

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