‘The other side’ is the lead track of the album and it chronicles the wanderer’s life in a three-part story. It’s safe to say he has successfully made it to his paradise at the end of the path, where he looks back on his life one last time, before letting eternal peace take over him. […]

‘Eternity’ is the twelfth song on the album, and it’s the moment where the wanderer finally reaches his destination. He escaped the forest, the witch and her evil spells, the path now finally reaching its end and with that his destiny. The song starts soft, a complete 180 compared to the song before. It feels […]

His run-in with the witch has heavy consequences for the wanderer, which are described in the song ‘River of death’. As he is on his knees and captured by the witch, ghosts and undead appear around him through the trees. The toxic air keeps filling his lungs, everything seems like an hallucination. The music starts […]

Behind The Music – Witchcraft

While his encounter with the sirens was a close call, we can safely conclude the wanderer has escaped. Sadly, as we dive straight in to the tenth song of the album, ‘Witchcraft’, this is a typical case of ‘from pillar to post’. ‘Witchcraft’ starts out strong, the sense of danger right there from the beginning. […]

‘Golden light’ was not only a promise, but also a warning. “Look beyond the dark,” indicated there was still darkness ahead and the wanderer had clearly seen it as he stood upon the mountain. The first challenge ahead would be a raging sea, where something dangerous awaits him below the surface of the dark waters. […]

What adventures lie ahead for the wanderer once he reaches the top of that mountain? This week is all about ‘Golden Light’, which is the answer to that question. The second ballad of the album is more hopeful compared to its predecessor and it’s laced with comforting words and the promise that the wanderer’s challenging […]

The previous ‘behind the music’ left us right at the moment where the wanderer had to choose between reigniting his own spirit to continue forward or giving up and trying to escape. As mentioned in the Prophecy: “There’s a reason he ended up in this strange world and maybe it has to do with looking […]

After the melancholy of ‘Memories’, the story takes a more hopeful turn for the wanderer. As the sixth song of the album ended with the wanderer calling out for the light to find and guide him again, ‘The Prophecy’, the seventh song, is an answer to that cry. This song is fully written from the […]

‘Memories’ is where we find the wanderer in a moment of clarity. The menacing voice was clear in his warning: “you will never leave this place,” definitely talking about the way the beautiful world the wanderer had found turned dark and dangerous after he was lured in far enough. The wanderer however, cannot shake the […]

Another week, another ‘behind the music’! We’ll take a look at Escape from Darkness this time, the dark side to the story of ‘Avalon’. Remember when we said that ‘the darkness’ that the wanderer encountered in the first two songs was just part of a bad dream? Well, what if it wasn’t? Or what if […]

This week we’ll focus on the third song and title track of the album, called ‘Avalon’. This song is the wanderer’s next adventure, after having his first encounter with ‘the darkness’ in the first two songs. We clearly hear a clock ticking as the song starts; an indication of a sense of urgency. The point […]

It’s time to take you through our second song, ‘Spark of Hope’. This song is a continuation of the events that happen in the first song. Spark of Hope starts off with strong guitars, like a reality check after the somewhat triumphant ending of Black Horizon. The darkness has not yet been faced by the […]

This week we’ll guide you through the first song on the album, called ‘Black Horizon’. The story will reveal much of the meaning behind both the music and the lyrics. Black Horizon is the song that kicks off the album full speed, with a grand musical intro. A fitting start to the journey- one that […]

Blog Introduction

Hi everyone, Welcome to Dream Map’s blog, where you will find the latest music-related news and stories! We will keep you up to date on Dream Map’s plans and musical journey and we’ll take you a little further into our dreamscape with behind-the-music stories on all the album’s songs. We believe that transparency, interaction and […]